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Healthy Basals on a Weak Plant?


Getting There...
So I have had a Nepenthes sibuyanensis x copelandii for maybe a year now. I got it in healthy, but weak condition. It continues to put out leaves, but they are always slightly yellow.
However, it has recently started sending up 2 very healthy green basals that are getting larger with each leaf and are a vibrant green.
Why the differences between the main plant and the new growth? Should I cut the main stalk as a cutting and try to let these basals have more of the energy?
Thanks for the input, I'll post some pics later!
The basals are taking over for the main point. Often times in cases like you describe it's a sign the main growth point wasn't good but in those cases I leave the main one alone until the basals are as big or outshining the main point, unless the main point is looking bad or has pests or is too big for it's growing area.