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havent posted in a long while....pics

guess life has just gotten in the way....but im still at it....

slipper orchid
Welcome back..
Can you post some titles? I'm pretty curious what a few of them are..
veitchi x eymae(or the reverse, i forget which it is)
lovely update, can you take a closeup of the macro peristome when you have the time?

no likely gonna pull it back out for awhile....my wife is at meetings down in Reno for a week so im running the newspapers till she gets back....not likely to mess around in my plant room for awhile.....even less likely that ill pull the tank off the shelf to be able to get it out....havent actually seriously looked at my plants since early last winter.....my set up is made for ease of care and other than watering every 7-10 days they do their thing with no real input from me.....took them out today to clean them up since they hadnt had dead leaves cut off in a long while and they were growing together....got them un-intertwined, trimmed up and back to being ignored....

it looks like any other macro, nothing special about it...
Long time no sew rattler! I'm glad you'restill around!!
Wow your plants are incredible, I really really like that macrophylla.
Long time no sew rattler! I'm glad you'restill around!!

yeah im around......just a whole lot going on with life......which is why i always insisted in making my setup as maintenance free as possible.....dont need to sit and baby stuff to keep it going....granted my attrition rate would prolly give some newbies here a heart attack but in the end im left with really robust plants for the most part....which to me is preferable than a bunch of plants ive got to watch like a hawk and as you can see i aint lacking for variety or interesting plants even though i grow them "hard"