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Have you seen the new photo feature?


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Maybe you haven't seen, but I think this is pretty cool... Any photos uploaded to the forum, are in a collection of albums which you can see by clicking the "Media" tab at the very top of the forum. If you go there, you can see photos attached by forum, click on a photo and go to someone's profile and you can see all the photos they've attached to the forum!
The uploading method is also much easier than the old forum software, honestly.... these things are some of the biggest reasons for the move. I hope you all like it as much as I do! I'm trying to decide if we need a gallery for general discussions... maybe I'll bulk together all the general discussions forums like I did for the non-cp and terra/viv/eco sphere/aquar forums.

Also you can see from there the topic that the photo is from, so you can go there if you have something to say. There are options there for commenting, but I don't really think that will be seen by the owner. Who knows, maybe it will!

Also, I THINK I have the upload size set to 16mb, which means you can upload a photo directly from your phone without editing it smaller first. We'll have to see if that's too much work for the forum and may change over time, but I think it's worth the attempt!

Currently registered users photos will be downsized to 620x620 with 50mb storage and thank you members are 800x800 with 150 storage. With everything else, still work and thought in progress.
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