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Hi all,
I don't post a lot here but am active on other CP forums under the same moniker. I have some 2-yr. old SG eymae x (jacquelineae x' izumiae) that I would like to trade for utrics. In particular, I am looking for

easy terrestrials

For pics, please see my post at

This offer is for trades only, no sales. I would like to finalize details this week. I will try to reply to every message, but please check back to see if the offer is closed via this thread. Thanks!
I HAVE A Utricularia sandersonii if you have any interest in it,I would be happy with a small nep or sarr
I coudl trade plugs of U. sandersonii Blue Form, U. livida, U. tricolor, U. warburgii, or U. longifolia. I also have U. bisquamata alba I might be able to send a piece of. Or the ever-present U. subulata :D .
Both of these sound like good offers, as well as the PM offer I received. I was hoping to see if anyone had a calycifida or nelumbifolia portion they'd be willing to trade for before making final choices. Any out there?
Offer now closed. Thanks to everyone for their interest!