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Growing Nepenthes in pure sphagnum

I will be re-potting my Nepenthes soon because most of them are showing high pH stress from back before I got my water pH under control by using RO water and additional treatment with hydroponic pH-down solution. Is there any disadvantage (besides cost) to just growing everything in long-fibered sphagnum or lfs with coarse-grade perlite added? I have a few plants growing in pure lfs, and they are doing very well.
No problem, but you'll need to ensure you're not overwatering if you were previously using a coarser mix.
I grow all of my Nepenthes in pure Sphagnum with a heavy top dressing of live Sphagnum. I have them all sitting in dishes of tap water, about 2" deep at most. Never had any issues at all.
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Pure sphagnum all day. 'Sall I do!
ya i also grow sarracenias and drosera's in full sphagnum, grows fine
Thanks everyone! I will go ahead and use pure LFS for all re-pots in the future. My plants are currently in a very coarse mixture and grow in net orchid pots. This was ideal for the nursery where I purchased them (greenhouse is at 90% + humidity), but I grow in household humidity (35-50 %), so I have to water A LOT.
Pure LFS certainly is a good medium for most Neps, though it's best to make sure you have a thick variety that doesn't condense too easily. And, depending on the species, some plants really like very, very airy mixes, so having things on hand to aerate the soil is still a good idea. Others meanwhile, couldn't care if you stuck them in swamp conditions (ampullaria, for example).