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Growing Amps from Seed

So, my Nepenthes ampullaria seeds finally came in on Friday and I planted them last night. The seeds are three months old. I have them under two plant lights. One tray had a 1:1 ratio of vermiculite and peat. I microwaved the peat first to kill any bacteria or whatever. I told mom I wanted her to use perlite, but when I walked back in the kitchen, she had used vermiculite. The other tray is a 1:1 ratio of perlite and peat. Each tray contains 10 seed pods. I sprayed the seed trays with RO water until they were damp. The lights are on a 12 hour timer. I'm going to plant them once they are an okay size. I have the seed trays covered in Saran Wrap. I'm going to air them out once in a while. I'm thinking of getting them a heat mat. Any suggestions?
Sprayed the seeds themselves or the seed pods? Did you take the seeds out and sow them?
I took the seeds out of the pods and tried to evenly distribute them. Then I sprayed the seeds. I never knew how tiny the seeds were!