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Grow Lights.


So this morning my ballast blew in my main grow light. I have been contemplating the newer LED lights based on their longer lifespan. Does anyone use these? and if so have any opinions and or pics on how well they work if at all? Im going to try and check all local hardware stores when i get out of work if they are open today as i need something soon.

any help would be great

I would be cautious about buying into this technology.....yet. While the LEDs themselves may be capable of lasting for years, I have had numerous experiences with other LED technologies where the REST of the hardware failed after an appallingly brief life of service. I suggest finding good name brands and doing some research to find product reviews before you buy.

What kind of ballast do you need?

I have a spare, new 4 bulb, 54w T5HO Ballast if you need it... (Very good quality)

IMHO I can't recommend LED's as a main lighting source.....
High Output LED's require active cooling or output drops off very quickly (Heatsinks and fans)

Personally, I would only consider high CRI white LED's and they are just too dang expensive per foot of coverage at this point....
One day, I believe they will be the plant light of choice, but not yet.... and probably not in the next couple years.

Just too expensive *if done correctly for anything more than a specimen plant or two.

just my 2 cents....

Let me know if you need the ballast mate

*done correctly means:
Constant current driver circuit.
Accessory Optics

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pm sent,

i really want to get something soon as i have a bunch of babies in there that im mostly worried about.

Pm answered,

You would be much better off getting a complete fixture.
Just not much you could resuse, if anything.... economically not feasable.

I use a 100w led over my terrarium, and it works great. It is just a simple hybrid chip and I DIYed it for ~$100. I would, however, recommend buying the red+blue fixtures on ebay if you are not into DIY. Those also seem to wok good, though I cannot comment on them myself.