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Greenbottle fly feeding on salmon carcass (pic)

Every Friday I post photos of a different species of fly on my blog (I title them “Flydays”; corny, I know). This past week’s post was about Lucilia sericata, the common greenbottle (http://wp.me/p2wM8r-uT); which is easily my favourite fly. Greenbottles are blow flies—feeding and laying their eggs on dung and carrion. So I attracted this specimen (and a number of other species) by putting the remains of a sockeye salmon out on my deck. I’d filleted the fish for dinner and kept the skeleton specifically to attract some flies.

Is it weird that I have a favourite fly?


Olympus OM-D E-M5, Zuiko 35mm macro, manual exposure (F11 @ 1/200 sec), Olympus RF-11 ring flash (1/2 power) (on TTL), ISO: 200

P8120179 Lucilia copyright ernie cooper 2013 by ernie.cooper, on Flickr
Awesome photo as always, Ernie! The bottleflies are definitely one of the most attractive of the flies.

And yes it is weird that you have a favorite fly -- and it is a weirdness I totally get. :D
Is it weird that I have a favourite fly?
I don't think the fact that you have a favorite fly is weird. What I think is weird is the fact that you can justify why that fly is your favorite :p
I really like greenbottles, too. Around here, we also get some smaller red and golden bottle flies, which are even prettier. It's just a shame they're so dirty, but they do a necessary job, so I won't complain too much. I'll just set out some more dews. ;)

Excellent shot.
...Is it weird that I have a favourite fly?...

No. I might consider it weird that you have a fave fly, but other people might consider it weird that I have a favorite carnivorous plant or that I grow carnivorous plants in general. Or the fact that I love exotic flowers (as those of you who checked out my passion flower thread or my Interactive Grow List and Eat Counts :water: should know).

And even though I absolutely loathe flies, I do like that they are excellent Dionaea and Sarracenia food and that some people can get good pictures of them. Hmm, I wonder who THAT might be? :scratch: