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Greeeetings from Portland, Oregon.

Hello. I live in Portland, Oregon. I moved up here from Los Angeles About two years ago and i notice that it is a lot easier to find rare/cp plants up here. I'm currently growing dionaeas, sarracenias, cephalotus, heliamphora, droseras, and pinguiculas. (But hundreds of other plants in and outdoors too.)

Question for other Portlanders:
Do you guys use tap water? I looked at the recent report and it only has 23 - 25 ppm
Welcome to Tf, Nanthawat. Since you're a local to the Portland area I hope you will consider attending one of our plant get-togethers. We meet every second Sat. of the month. The thread here explains all. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/131797-TF-Rendezvous-in-Portland-OR It's coming up soon.

If you want to try using tap water I would suggest getting a tds meter and checking it yourself before you do. In some areas it is just fine and in others not so good. Ideally you would check it before you use it each time as what comes out through the city's water system can change from one time to another.
I live on the east side and use tap water exclusively. Typically, if the city is not using reserve water, the tds levels are ~18ppm, which is totally fine for these plants, but you should still invest in a tds meter.

Also, you could check out this thread http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/131797-TF-Rendezvous-in-Portland-OR/page23

We meet at a pub on the second Saturday of every month to discuss and share plants. Hope to see you there (if we haven't already met)!
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I'm in Corvallis where the TDS in the municipal supply reads about 45ppm, and we have used it for carnivores in the past (both plant and human types!), but now I have a reverse osmosis unit to filter my well water instead. (It was more convenient.)

However, I don't know for a fact whether Portland puts Chlorine in the water supply - and if they do, you want to either avoid it or let it to sit in an open container for 24 hours or more to allow the Cl to dissipate. You may want to ask Mat O. about his personal experience (Resides here as "mato") since he is in PDX. Not sure what he uses for water....best ask him.

Edit: never mind -- Mat beat me to it!
I've heard about the meetings but unfortunately I work on Saturdays but thank you!
Welcome to tfs :)