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got some huge nepenthes?

hey guys i recently did a search on the internet and found a thread started by joel(nepsaroundthehouse). It was from 2008 and he showed this huge ventricosa x maxima with twelve or more flowers and who knows how many growth points, and was wondering if anyone else had any nepenthes like that that they would like to display? It is my goal to have a nepenthes look like that eventually and im well on my way to achieving it considering my miranda just keeps making new growthpoints! My maxima fake eymae clone decided to throw out four basals as well so its going to look bushy too very soon.
I've only seen a few of those at the SF Conservatory. I can post a few pics here if you'd like.
These were taken by my phone so be wary of sub-par resolution.

A variegated alata


Huge truncata


They had a few of these ventricosas too

Next time I go I'll bring a real camera and maybe something for scale.
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Please do i really want to see even if its just a ventricosa i just love it
I want that variegated alata!!!!
:0o: I imagine it must be a pain to repot those.
I love it thank you! My miranda keeps growing new growth point so soon itll look like that ventricosa
Kevnep, I can't help but notice you often ask people to post pics of their plants, yet you never post any of your own. I'm not sure why this is, considering I've seen your photobucket account and you do have some nice plants.

Anyway, could you post some pics of your plants on here?
Sure but there is a reason, my plant had a rough winter and are still recovering so many dont have nice pitchers yet or are still making them but ill take some new photos today and post them
I'll have to take pics of the 11 foot long N. alata at Meadowview this Friday. It may be impossible to...
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11 feet long??!! The biggest plant I have only has a 4 foot vine!