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Good deal on Turface

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Cephs (can) get over 70% of their nutrients from roots, more than any other CP that I have seen peer reviewed research on... ;-)
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I believe I've read one scientific study that menctioned that.

Did you mix the miracle gro with turface?
Have you tried other ferts on cephs?
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Nah, I just stuck a ceph in a pot full of Miracle Grow to see what would happen.... that was probably 3 yrs ago and its still going strong.

I have tried a ceph in 100% APS, but it is too inert imho.... unless you fed it, growth stopped.
I use to fert my cephs quite a bit.... they loved it.

There are some old pics floating around, other than my one in potting soil I don't grow them anymore.
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Keep it out of your Nepenthes pots if you want decent root growth..

Mikulas would respectfully disagree with that. If you sift out the smaller particles it should make a nice, airy mix.