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Gongora galeata

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BS Bulldozer
Just started blooming yesterday. Very interesting scent, yesterday it was a very spicy orange, today it's more of a clean, fresh orange scent. Nothing that makes me think of food, rather more like orange scented fabric softener might smell.


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Thats great! I know that fragrance well. That whole section of the family makes great fragrances. The Stanhopeas are especially wonderful. The Allen Gardens Conservatory in Toronto Canada have several Stanhopeas (or they did 10 years ago, anyway) and the HUGE hanging baskets of S. nigroviolacea were astonishing.
The really convenient thing for me about Stanhopeas and their allies is the low light requirements. I'm short of winter space, and most of my useable window space faces NW. It's nice to have such fragrant plants that I can hold over through the winter. It's really nice that my S. jenischiana can take the cool winter temps in my laundry room. I just hope it blooms as well as the Gongora!
Deja vu all over again.....another spike!


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Can't remember the last time I saw and stopped to sniff a blooming galeata. Unfortunately, some of the more attractive (to me) Gongora are scentless -- like chocoensis.

With me & flowers it's often ALL about the scent, and definitely so in the case of Stans & Gongoras. Can't wait til my S. jenischiana and G. fulva bloom!