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germinating roridula

:rookwoot:at the past icps conference i was able to get 12 roridula dentata seeds and some gorganias wich are from my plants :banana2: so i followed Matt Opels instructions on smoking them in a grill. i have been keeping them outside on my porch wich is what i heard to do. is this correct? ??? curently it has been 2 weeks since they where planted and not a thing:-( [ i know it usally takes longer]

if you have any pics of roridulas peeking out of the dirt please post them because i dont know exactly what seedlings look like [so i dont think they are weeds]
p.s i grow them in southern New England
You were at the conference? Nice! I'm sure we unknowingly walked past each other :p. as for roridula, dvg had a good thread on germination if I remember correctly.
heli i was the person with the microscope display in the back room the the station 2 over from peter d amato's
Hmm.. I don't remember that :scratch:
to roridula groweres what is the average percent of seeds that germinate
i am not expert so i just am hoping for the best
how should i winter my plants
i do not have a green house ^
i know not in a terrarium
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I don't have pics, but that link sundrew posted says it takes up to 6 months to germinate, so I wouldn't be too worried about no germination after just 2 weeks
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iwest thats what i was told to i just was stating that fact to give when i had planted them. But i was told by an expert on this topic it could bet two weeks to several months.:-(