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Genlisea hispidula Pictures

Out of date pic of the leaves...

Flower Stalk

Splitting buds?

The Traps


Closest! Branching

I only got this about a month ago and it's already flowering for me. I guess I'm doing something right!

Thanks for lookin'!
Nice! I just have a cutting of this species, your flower stalk and splitting root traps are inspiring!
Yeah it's not a hard plant to grow at all! Just treat it like an utric. Don't let it get too close to grow lights and don't let it get too hot and it'll be fine. Mine is about 8-10 inches away from the grow lights that I have. It used to be a lot closer but the leaves showed signs of being burnt so I moved them.

I can't wait for the traps to be ready so i can feed it!
Cool whip! I have one almost open, but just relinquished the camera!