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Tropical Fish Enthusiast
This is an attic sill with G. hispidula being showcased. In and around are a bunch of pigmy sundews, D. anglica, a S. spatulata with its stalks branching, D. madagascariensis, and D. admirabilis (one of the few sundews not flowering.

cool Jim but can yours do this?

thats what mine did. dont think its bloomed yet though
No, but it hasn't been in there too long yet. Yours looks like it needs either spaghetti or soy sauce!
I wanna bring the Utrics outside and see how they respond.
Hi Jim,

Nice plants! My D.scorpoides are sending up flower stalks, and others are producing gemmae. But most of my other dews are not flowering, except D.burmanii.

But my utrics on the other hand.....they're going nuts!

Again, nice plants.

Looks like your plants have settled into their new home nicely. How are you doing in Buffalo?

Take care,