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Fun Nepenthes Collage

I just thought someone on here might enjoy this little art project I just finished. It is a 'miranda' pitcher that I took thin tissue samples from and put under the microscope. I then sorted out each different sample picture (ie. Peristome, lid, pitcher wall etc) and inserted them into the picture of the original pitcher. I put both the original and the finished project side by side and here it is Enjoy! :D

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Can't see the image, photo bucket says the image has been moved or deleted
Darn it............. ok it should be there now :p
That actually looks really cool....
Thanks guys! :) I'm thinking of doing a few more because it was a pretty fun project aside from the heart wrenching feeling of chopping up a beautiful pitcher!
very cool looking, but I don't understand what all the colorings represent
The new colors and patterns were what was visible under the microscope, each part of the pitcher sampled and then the resulting close-ups cropped back into the original shape. Everything on major macro.