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Friendly insects or what.........?

Since the beginning I have noticed these smallish insects (termite looking only much smaller) cruising around the medium in all of the plants. They aren't thripes and don't seem interested in the plants, if I touch them with my tweezers they jump. I saw what appears to be very tiny versions around the seedlings and the older pitchers have something darkening the insides. I would take pictures but my camera can't capture these guys and maybe they are feeding the seedlings by getting stuck in the pitchers? I might have to finally get a microscope that I can mount then camera on to get pictures. Like I said, none of these insects appear to be feeding on the plants and I don't have anything crawling up on any of the larger plants. I had a small thripe infestation several months ago and wiped that out and as a result check the undersides of leaves regularly and they are clean.
They're probably springtails. I can't imagine any way they could harm your plants. They're little fungus janitors.
yup! Springtails are awesome. I used to have cute little globular springtails in my old setup......they all died when I nuked it to get rid of spider mites/scale. They are good for sundews and VFT seedlings.
Thanks, I'll get to know them better now. I lost all of my fungus gnat maggots last November when I eradicated the thripes. This Fall I will set a container of rotting fruit outside long enough to get another colony going and move it into the plant room for winter. A nice aromatic smell and excellent food supplier for the plants, just drop the occasional banana peel or pear rind in and watch them produce.