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Four paphs


Moderator Schmoderator Fluorescent fluorite, Engl

I'm finally getting around to posting the pic of four of my paphs in bloom.  I have another who's bud is going to pop any minute.  


To the left is vini Paphiopedilum 'Black Cherry'...to the right is Paphiopedilum Macabre x Rasin Pie.  (Just yesterday at the opening of the new conservatory here in the orchid section was a p. 'Macabre' which looks almost exactly like this cross.)  Unfortunately I don't have the ID on the bottom paph (I know the word "Love" is part of it)...and no response from the nursery on the I.D.  
  And no ID on the top paph.  But even "anonymous", they are beautiful.  

Will add the other paph pic once its fully open.

great looking paphs you got there. one of mine has just started to open up yesturday that i got from one of the orchid shows i went to.
i would post pics of the pics i took from the shows but, there is ribbons next to them all and actualy they aren't my plants eather.
the white paphs are my fav. along with the ones that have the long wiskers if that is what you call them.
another one i have just dropped its flower that was a yellow colored
Breath taking
I suppose if your into Maudiaes those are nice, I beleive the plant on the bottom to be P. lowii x P. chambelainianum.
Also you should know that P. Macabre x P. Raisin Pie is now known as P. Macabre Pie.
Thanks guys.

And thanks Kai for the info. I figured the bottom paph had a lowii parent.

George, you should post your pics even if they aren't yours. Its always nice to see plant/flowers pics of any kind. Post a pic of yours once it opens.

I suppose I am into just about any paph...paphs and phrags being my favorites. But it is hard to dislike any orchid...they are all so beautiful.