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Give Away For ALL Auction Participants

*EDIT* The seeds are now available to any forum member, even those who did not participate in the auction.

This Give Away is for anyone who participated in the auction. If you bid on an item (even if you didn't win) or if you donated an item (even if your item didn't get any bids) you are eligible.

Here are the choices:
* 1 box of Bird & Butterfly Wildflower Seed Blend (2 OZ, covers 100 SQ. FT.)
* 10 packs of Pumpkin Seeds (Jack OLantern 1.25 G)
-CLAIMED- 1 box of Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Blend (2 OZ, covers 100 SQ. FT.)
-CLAIMED- 2 packs of Sweet Corn Seeds (Early Golden Bantam 5 G)

Pick one or two and just send me a PM with your address. First come, first serve. Shipping is on me. USA only.

PM me now!
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