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Flowering N. x 'Splendiana'

It's been a while since I've posted but I'm witnessing my first Nepenthes flower stalk. Strangely enough, this flower is emerging from a relatively new cutting that I received in a trade a few months ago. I was expecting one of my older plants to be the first. My question is, are the flowers from this complex hybrid viable and what gender is it?

Here's a picture. Sorry for the poor quality but it's in a hard to access area.


Also, I wanted to thank everyone who traded with me. The lowland plants I received in exchanged are doing great in this terrarium. Everything lived except for a small N. ampullaria "Green" cutting which seemed to suddenly die for unknown reasons.
Its difficult to tell from the photo, but the flower buds appear to be round, which would indicate this is a male. Female buds are more oval/pointed, a bit like a stretched egg in shape.
Thanks Whimgrinder. Here's a closeup of the flower buds.

The flowers appear ovalish (female) to me. . . there appears to be a lot more female Splendid Diana's out there ATM.
Agreed: those are most likely female blooms. You will know for sure very soon.

I have an assortment of pollens available, including N. thorelii X aristolochioides, the EP hybrid. Very fertile, offspring are very easy.
This fella:
That's kind of you to make a suggestion. I've never really tried trading for pollen before or pollinating a Nepenthes. How does it usually work? I would be more than happy to give you half the seeds that are produced.
The x splendiana (or 'Splendid Diana') is a female plant, very prolific in its flowering regimes. You have one stalk now, you may end up with many in the near future. As for pollinating: you want to get pollen very fresh or successfully cold stored, and keep it cold and dry until use. As soon as the female buds open, and for only a couple of days after, they are viable and you simply place the pollen on the stigma at the end. Successful pollination can be noted when the pods usually start to swell.
I'd offer pollen of my N. ventricosa "red" of which I have plenty, but I already have a few hundred seedlings of this cross, and more seeds on the way. Good luck in finding other pairs for it, though.