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Flea & Tick collar experiment

I'm a little leery about using bug killers and stuff, especially since I have some pet bugs and arthopods. So I got an idea to hang a flea and tick killing dog collar in my Highland Nepenthes grow area since they are exposed to constant incoming air from outside the chamber some insects seem to make their way past the intake fans. Not many mind you, mostly moths and flies but even moth larvae can wrack havoc on plants I've come to find out. So I've hung up the collar to see if it will do anything or not and keep out or kill anything that decides to try and setup shop in there. I got a 26" dog collar but only used a 6" piece for my experiment.

Anyone else try this before and what were your results?
I've been using the whole thing in my LL tank. No bugs. Just make sure to keep the collar dry!
'Great idea. I have known people to use No Pest Strips indoors with good results except they are very bad for humans, too. Flea collars seem very much the same without being so toxic.