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Flat Drosophyllum.

A while ago a briefly mentioned that one of my dewy pines came up with one leaf and then never got around to getting a picture of it. It has more than one leaf now, but it's still oddly shaped. More like a menorah than like the brush shape my other two are. Have any of you grown similar ones, and does anyone know what causes it?

Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about Dewey pines.

It could be a lack of sufficient light. Plants can get some pretty weird shapes under insufficient lighting. I know that vft's can get weird traps under low light. I hope that helps.
It looks like lack of light to me too, pretty typical etiolation.
There are two others of the same seed batch right next to it that are shaped properly. This one could have an unusual light requirement, but you'd think the others would also and its a bit odd that only the monoleaf guy has problems. At any rate they're being put outside as soon as the frequency of rain dies down so we'll see how it goes from there.
I had great success with my first batch of drosophyllum. But there was one plant in a pot with ten normal growing ones, which started like yours.
It flowered in its first year twice. One flower in the spring one in summer. The last one gave 11 seeds. Its still a thin guy, but alive and has two growth points now. It is in this pot.

I think it is pure genetics, all the others are of the same age (planted the same day as seedlings) and had exactly the same soil. A friend of mine had one in a single pot among normal growing ones who did the same.
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You could have a new cultivar on your hands there, cuzzfish.
I have gotten seedlings with this growth habit before, but it is usually due to damage to one of the first leaves or an early flower stalk I cut off. Young seedlings can produce a flower stalk and I suspect this is caused by photoperiod confusing the plant. Less than optimal lighting will certainly cause a bushier plant, but since your other seedlings have normal growth under the same light conditions I don't think lighting is the sole cause for this plants growth habit. However, judging from the amount of dew production it does seem to want more or stronger light. Also, are you feeding it? Drosos like lots of light and lots of food. When I have seedlings inside I spray them with Maxsea at 1/4 strenght and they seem to respond well to it, orchid fert at 1/4 strength also works well.

I think your plant looks healthy enough so just enjoy its uniqueness :D