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First nepenthes advice

Im looking to get my first nepenthes or 10, i was wondering what would be some good starter plants? l have a big terrarium with lowland temps and very high humidity.
Thank you,
You can't ever go wrong with a N. ampullaria. You also might want to look into N. Viking (I'm still not sure if that's it's own species yet), N. mirabilis, n. rafflesiana, and maybe N. bicalcarata. That one likes it really hot & humid. There are also dome fun hybrids you can try. N. x morganiana is really pretty.
guessing you are looking for hardy lowlanders?

In addition to above, gracilis are prolific growing hardy plants. also consider the best of both worlds and go grabilis which is a mirabilis/gracilis hybrid. Also i have an 'anamensis' that seems to not complain at all. Far as lowlanders in general the only 2 I have heard about being picky are the northaina and the mirabilis var echinostoma(which I have personal experience with). That being said once the echinostoma is happy; it will grow like crazy and it isn't that easy to kill but it will pout/go into a coma to scare you into thinking it is dying a slow death.

my advice:

Most lowlanders are pretty much flexible on everything except for humidity however not all lowlanders are created equal in the respect of what conditions they can tolerate so be aware of that.
I would go with any ampullaria form you like, rafflesiana, bicalcarata, bellii, mirabilis, or gracilis. Good luck with whatever you decide :)
Amps! Gonna order two today. :hail:

Also try mirabilis or alata. If you want, you could also try ventricosa as long as it doesn't get like 90F+ in there... :)
they covered it pretty well^ :)
Just curious for more information... What do you mean exactly by LL temps and super high humidity? Depending on the exact temperature, you may be able to get away with some intermediates, or you may not be able to keep super low elevation lowlanders.
the tank is around 88 degrees during the day and in the mid to low 70's at night the humidity is around 90% during the day and in the 70's at night