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first endeavor with rooting cuttings....when to abandon them?

i have a total of 7 cuttings.....4 have definite signs of life and pretty sure they all have small roots going on. 3 of them haven't been doing much.....granted the ones that are doing better had leaves on them to begin with and the one piece of stem that didn't have any leaves was alot bigger in diameter.

anyway below is a pic...looks like the top one has some life left in it. i see splotches of yellow in it but not so sure about them overall.

as for age...id say these cutting are about 4 weeks old.

Sorry to say but those are toast, cuttings usually don't work unless they have at least one leaf and one node. Hope those weren't from me, sorry they didn't work if they are.
eh 2 of em were. the other 4 are going okay and one of em did work with no leaves...or is working...im guessing bc the stem is larger compared to the other 3.

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I agree with mcmcnair's comment above; but four weeks is also a terribly short time in which to expect rooting in most any Nepenthes cutting . . .
k just for giggles i will let them set in their own pot for another 4 weeks and toss em then. i didn't check them all but 2 of the healthy ones i did check had small roots on them....nothing to write home about but at least they are drawing in some liquid of their own.