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filiformis "red"

i lost a couple of plants on shipping and the company has been nice enough to replace them.

i asked for different plants of equal value and they are sending me, as a replacement for a d. capensis 'red', a d filiformis 'red'...

can anyone tell me about it?

id like to see pics if anyone has any..or links to good info on caring for them.

what kind of terrarium setting does it need?

as always, thanks for the help
Wow, I've never heard of a filiformis 'red'.  Is the whole leaf red? :eek:
I'd love to see a pic of it.

I have Capensis 'red'. It is as easy to grow as the normal capensis but it requires a lot more light to turn fully red. Place the plant in a greenhouse or a south facing windowsill and stand in a tray of rainwater or destilled water. I dont think these plants would be too ideal for a terrarium if you wanted them to colour up fully. You would probably need more light than you could provide them with. Ive heard of the red D. Filiformis but i have never seen it. Sounds rather interesting!
I think what you are getting is D. Filiformis x 'California Sunset'. A hybrid with red glands, so it can be all red I assume given enough light. It is a clump forming ssp. like Tracyi, and is larger like the ssp. florida giant. It's a cultivar and a beautiful plant, you are lucky to be getting one. If you get any seed from it I recomend destroying it because if it reaches the open market it can through the classification and purity of this ssp. way out of wack. Make sure you have ample room for this plant, it will try to get upwards of 2 feet tall eventually.

There is a variety of d. filiformis that is all red. It comes from a small area in Green Head, Washington Co. Fl.. I am guessing you are getting your plants from CC? I would guess you would treat it like any other filiformis but as I only have seeds thereof and not any plants yet I wouldn't be able to tell you
Good luck,

are you sure its an all red variety??? I was under the impression that the advertised all red's were just California Sunset that got ALOT of sun for a long time. If it's a true all red, thats really cool. I didn't know they existed.
all i know is she emailed me back saying she was going to send out a filiformis 'red'.

either she meant capensis red or its the cali sunset species.

im hoping its the later cuz i already have some capenisis but no filiformis.

so lets say it is a filiformis x cali sunset...or any kind of filiformis...

can you tell me about them?

how big do they get compared to a capensis?

do i care for it the same way?

and yeah noah, its from CC.

thet also mentioned they might be making a video version of the savage garden sometime soon...
Hi Chris,

D. filiformis (or at least the variety you are likely getting) gets tall thin leaves that go straight up about a foot high or so. D. filiformis is a temperate so it needs dormancy. A normal soil mix (50/50 peat/perlite) should work fine. Keep the soil moist throughout the year. Hope this helps.


P.S. A video version of the savage garden? Cool....
D.filiformis 'red' supposedly does not need a dormancy. I have heard that D'Amato has grown this plant for 3 years as a tropical and it is doing well. It is likely to be filiformis 'red' if that is the plant they promised you.
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Cp2k is right, I'm wrong
Skip the dormancy, I had known that part at one point but had already forgotten it.

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filmiformis 'red' eh? Sounds liek california carnivores. Well, it is a tropical plant which needs no dormancy. Peter 'amato told me they do good in terrium and they dont get too tall. He also said that they might not survive a dormacy, so dont try. The whole plant is totaly red! Very cool!
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thanks guys

ill let you know what happens.
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Interestingly enough this is a recently discovered plant, although the population of typical plants was well known. Apparently no one had looked in the right place at the right time. My seedlings are up, and I am very excited at the prospect of seeing a different form of filiformis. I have also heard they do not require dormancy, but I think I will give it cooler conditions in the winter. Maybe not a hard freeze like the other filiformis get, but certainly a cool rest will be in order. Keep us informed as how your plants do, and how you are growing them. To go where no man has gone before.......
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I've heard of the d. filiformis 'red' (all-red form) and seen pics. I'd love to have one myself. But I don't even have the typical one yet. Well...I HAD one but it basically didn't survive it shipping ordeal. Good luck with yours, Chris.