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Favorite Shots of 2012

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What's that amazing sarr in the second pic?
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Ah ha! I wasn't just seeing things....yup thats the ones I'm talking about :)

I pass by them every day that I ride the bus from school to work....

Yeah there is some cool graffiti over there on several building's if you just walk around that area.
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What's that amazing sarr in the second pic?

Hey Sundrew, I'm not sure what it was its just one of the thousands of sarracenia's that were at Jerry Addington's house. Ill post a couple more shots from there that I thought was Pretty cool.
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A couple more Sarracenia.






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Wow! How large is your Sarracenia collection? I really need to make the 10 minute trip to your house and see those bad boys.
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Those are Jerry's Mat. I only grown a couple hundred sarracenia compared to Jerry's couple thousand:). You are always more than welcome to roll over you have my number.
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That third picture with the catesbaei-looking plant in you last post is amazing.