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Fake P. 'Weser'

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My first Pinguicula to flower this year is the fake P. 'Weser' (Pinguicula moranensis x ehlersiae)


Given just the cultivar description it is easy to see how this might be passed of as the real thing:

"has a solitary white streak down the central lower lobe and dark veins." Insect-Eat.Pl. & How to Grow Them:113 (1986)
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It's too bad that it has to be referred to as "fake weser". Makes it sound so rhinestone. Nevertheless, it's a hardy cross and gives us nice looking flowers, such as yours.

Here's a 2 year old picture of what came to me as P. moranensis huatla x ehleresiae:


BTW, D. capillaris has three scapes going!
None of the fake/false/garden centre P. 'Weser' plants that I have seen actually look much like the proper P. 'Weser'. To me, they all look more similar to P. 'Sethos'.
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