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Fairly Obsessed
Trades closed- Thanks !

OK, I've repotted and here's my extras in no particular order: USA only. I ship USPS with tracking confirmation number, you do the same.

Jauvamensis, Moranensis alba- A true alba, Kondoi, John Rizzi, Huahuapan, Potosiensis, Hamlen, Gigantea, cyclosecta, gracilis, ehlersaie "ucf", emarginata, linz, rotundifolia, moctezumae x sp. kohres, moctezumae x gigantea, moctezumae x gypsicola, moctezumae x zecheri, moctezumae x gracilis, cyclosecta x emarginata, and moranensis x ehlersaie.

I'm especially looking for mexican pings and P. vulgaris varities and other tropical pinguicula- but will consider other offers.

Please PM me with offers-

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Do you have any pics of these pings so we can see what's up for the offering? :)
Heres a flower from a juavamensis I received from Birdman about a week ago:).

What is a 'Hamlen'?