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Now that i have your attention, lol, i would like to do one more trade before winter sets in. I will be taking a bunch of cuttings so the plants have a great start with new growth next summer.all photos are of main plant and current pitchers I have my Spec. Giant x Ventricosa that has a lot of cuttings whole plant is 4 foot tall with many to take.

DSCF2502 by rball0406, on Flickr

Can take a basal from my Lowii x Camp. may or may not have roots

DSCF2874 by rball0406, on Flickr

Nepenthes Efflugent Koto cuttings

DSCF2832 by rball0406, on Flickr

Drosera Prolifera whole plants..sry no pic can take one upon request
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im very interested in the lowii x camp basal...what are you looking for in trade?
idk really def not capes or sars shoot some offers
right now i have an extra N. 'Mata Hari' Splendiana x ventricosa and N. robcantleyi 'Queen of Hearts' x maxima Tinombala

also have some mexican pings i could trade. Lights are out but ill check on just what is available tomorrow.
k wouldnt mind seeing pic of the robc... dont have anything with that involved yet
The Spec. Giant x Ventricosa is bad and bold. I normally don't fare so well with cuttings, but it is going into fall, and two cuttings I have seem to be doing ok, so perhaps I should attempt to branch out. What might ya' be seeking by way of trades? I am limited in cp's save for water plants at the moment, stapelids, some seeds, etc...
idk pm me wat u got ill conider anything