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For Sale Epiphytic Utricularia

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I have the following utrics for sale. USA only, shipping can be combined for multiple plugs



Nephrophylla x (nelumbifolia x reniformis)-$20

Nephrophylla x nelumbifolia-$20

I am trying to convince myself I can keep one alive. Can I ask how you grow these in terms of light and water?
They aren't that much of a challenge. Moderate light, temps between 80-50 degrees trending towards the cooler end should be good. All except the alpina grow waterlogged. Alpina I water like a nep, allowing it to dry slightly between waterings.
My nelumbifolia is doing great! I've been meaning to add that utric to my collection for a while. Thank you!
Mine are doing great as well! A bit of a die back upon gettign acclimated, but all have multiple healthy leaves growing already!