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epiphyllums etc

the epiphyllums need to be reduced in size again, but i don't want to have a ton of extras kicking around. just wondering how many i should start? everything should be ready to mail the first week of april. the list includes:
king midas
clarence wright
high society
george e. scott
emmitt kelly

hylocereus undulata (dragon fruit)

aloe whalmsely's bronze
graptopetalum paraguayensis
aeonium kiwi
stapelia gigantea
small variegated gasteria
crassula ovata
crassula ovata

pink silver
dee's big one

as things are spoken or if i come across anything else, i'll edit the post. i will also have a ton of perennials that need to be divided or moved out for new things. if anyone is interested in those, let me know and i'll make a list later in spring.
What r u interested in trading for? I would possibly interested in dragon fruit
Might like to do a trade...will you be posting any pics of these? Thanks!
i might also be interested in a dragon fruit
you want to see flower pics or pics of the cuttings?


high society

clarence wright

kings ransom


let me know what else you want to see. i'm not really looking for anything specific in trade. for sure no utrics, but i'm pretty open to what i don't have.
Any or all of the epis, particularly the pink/purple ones. Especially those (if any) that will take high summer heat. I need to look up the rest of what you listed. What might you be in the market for? Will have Aldrovanda in the spring, Huernia sheridiana, some orbeas, a number of kalanchos, a bunch of other stuff. Seeds, etc. Email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com for more info and/or pics.
Very nice. I have a Hoya macalravyi I can send later when it warms up. I might have some other stuff later. I just have to look.
phil1 what were you interested in?