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Thought I'd drop by and share a photo or two of some beautiful pitchers to y'all. Yes, we all want a toothy peristome nep. Yes, we'd like a candy striped peristome too. Or maybe, a wine shaped pitcher with astonishing colouration. But, I sometimes find simplicity to be the most beautiful trait of all. Yes, N. reinwardtiana might not sound like much if you compare it to N. hamata, edwardsiana or veitchii H/L, but the species deserves some credit, especially this 'var samarindaensis' one.


The species also lends some of its elegant traits into the following hybrid, N. clipeata x reinwardtiana. This 'version' of the hybrid has got a wonderfully creamy-green pitcher body with a lightly speckled interior and a very pronounced and contrasty red pattern at the bottom of the clipeata-like lid. I love this hybrid a lot too.


Share some of your beautiful pitchers too, folks!
i also appreciate the simpler of the nepenthes :) here is my adnata




ill take some more pics i think will fit here as well. cheers
That is an exceptional reinwardtiana! Some of these gracile pitchers are among my favorites, especially N. ramispina. Thank you for giving these two beautiful plants some face time here!
You have a very good point; we are often too wrapped up in the extremes that we overlook the elegant beauty of some of the more common neps. Your reinwardtiana is a really beauty to behold. Thanks for sharing!
always been a fan of the reinwardtiana family.
I had to own a reinwardtiana the moment I saw the green form:

That clipeata hybrid is amazing. I'd love to see what the whole plant looks like. I agree that simplicity can be very rewarding. I don't get tired of my old faithful ventricosa.
I love the elegant, simple ones. Should have picked up a reinwardtiana orange fluch at Rob's.
Hey guys i have a reinwardtiana seedgrown plant that i grew myself from east kalimantan the pitchers were red when smaller but anyway it has jumped in size to 20-30 cm so im just waiting for pitchers to open