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Electrical help please....

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hi! Funny I come here for this instead of somewhere else haha Anyway, I'm trying to instal a GFCI breaker into my Murray panel for my reef tank I'm setting up.... (tank covers the electric outlet). I bought a Murray GFCI breaker, as hard as it was to find and everyone was telling me to just put a Simmions in there. So I take out the old one, hook up the load neutral and load to the breaker, and the pigtail to the neutral bar in the panel, only to find this thing does not want to snap in there. The door says 3 styles including MP which is what the breaker I bought is but it is a different pivot side and just doesn't work. Can someone explain to my why?


Show me the part of the breaker that connects to the panel.
And it was probably siemens not simmons.
The right side of the second picture. The new one is solid across and the old one is missing the middle.
Brightened it up... You can see the gouge where the new one is hitting a triangle thing in the box... Something isn't right, I just don't know what.
Yes, you are right on the name :p
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I want to see the mechanism that connects to the bus bar
Both or just the new one?
The new one.

Original buss bar side


another shot of differences on breakers

another shot of panel, where it won't allow the full bar of new breaker
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Thanks for the phone help Mark, I'll let you know what I find out....