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EBB & FLO in the grow tent

Hey everyone just trying to get every ones opinion on this. I am going to be re starting my whole collection, long story..... But i am going to be doing a a 10x10 grow tent aside from hanging the various pitchers and orchids, i was thinking of doing a flood table for the VFT's butterworts trigger plants and sundews and of course my cranberries. What do you guys and girls think about this idea? I can definitely get the cases of distilled water and collect the rain water that i would need.

Any one have exp with ebb and flos and CP's
Been using a variant for quite some time..... not exactly ebb and flo but more of a flood and drain using self starting siphons (my own design)..
Love it, made my plant maintenance much simpler.

There are quite a few growers use automated watering systems of one design or another.
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well i figured i can get two 4x8 trays in a 10x10 tent. to make it like a bog in there