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Dying End of Nepenthes Vine


Getting There...
So I have an unid'd nepenthes that has been on a window sil for a few years now. It has two growth points, and the odlest one is now like a foot or so of dead vien with a few healthy leaves at the end. Recently, it seems like the newer leaves are gettign smaller and smaller. Any advice? Should I cut it and try to root it? New media instead? Fertilization?
Hard to diagnose a problem without photos.....
I think he is describing that the oldest vine is something like a "rosette-on-a-stick" and it probably has a healthy basal coming from the base. I inherited some plants that looked like that, because the owner got disenchanted with the hobby and started other projects. The plants weren't neglected, just not well taken care of. I believed the probem was because they hadn't been fed (fertilizer or otherwise) in a good year or so. The older leaves were going through senescence just to support the new growth.

I found an older post back when I got my sickly plants that corroborated with what I experienced. Someone posted pictures of their 20+ year old nepenthes with streams and streams of leaves, saying something to the effect that the leaves are extremely long lived and don't die off very often unless necessary by the plants, or unhappy. If the plant has been doing well for a few years now (growing conditions haven't changed, right?) then it could be possible that the same thing is occurring here?
Vbkid, sometimes the plant draws the nutrients from the main vine to support the growth of the basals. Eventually the growing tip turns totally brown and dies. It is due to growing conditions but I find it hard to pinpoint exactly why my plants continue to "absorb" the nutrients even when conditions are good. It happens during the change of seasons though...hot to monsoon, monsoon to hot (here in tropical Singapore).

I tried cutting the growing tip off (about 2-3") and root it as a cutting...it does not work all the time...some species seem to have already set their mind to turn brown and die anyway.
I agree with Cindy
I think sometimes the plant culls a vine in favour of a basal. I see it every now and then in my GH. Usually, its when the vine was not doing so great then a basal forms and all is good. The basal usually grows very fast and vines again