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Dying Darlington

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I think the roots are not cold enough or the the fact that I don't have a big nightly temp change. pitchers are drying. I don't think this is dormancy is it?



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I may be wrong but it looks like your Darlingtonia is a goner. When the leaves wither and dry out like that but still have their green color it means that they aren't getting water from their roots. I've never had them survive once they show those signs. I've always grown my Darlingtonia outside and I've never paid too much attention to the temp drop at night, so I don't know how much of an impact that would have. I do know that 80 degrees Fahrenheit is the kill zone for Darlingtonia roots. Keeping it in a terrarium with high humidity doesn't allow for much evaporative cooling so the substrate you have it growing in is probably close in temperature to the surrounding environment. 50 or 60 degrees is an ideal substrate temp for Darlingtonias while they are growing. Fixing this ASAP may save it, but it's a long shot. Sorry!
Thanks, moved it to the outside bog. The Sarracenia like it out there, but I thought that the Darlington would not survive the lower humidity. We will see. I did figure that it was a goner.
Sorry to hear that. Any plans of getting another? Mine is kicking butt. Getting ready to go dormant. Will cut pump down to putting water through roots about ten minutes every couple of hours. Good luck if you do get another one.