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Dwarf Maxima or regular Maxima?

I bought a nepenthes that was supposed to be a Dwarf Maxima several months ago. I have read & was told they are a good bit smaller & the pitchers stay around 3". My plant is growing very well & is quite happy but is getting really big. The pitches are 6 or 7" depending on if you measure the lid as well. Here are some pix of my plant. Can you tell me please, is this a dwarf & the pitchers & leafs wont keep getting bigger & bigger? Or did i get a regular Maxima?

This isn't the latest/largest pitcher just the largest I can get to.

Are the little shoots coming off the center mean it's about to start vining?

This is my little guy. He is doing good too!

In case you'd like to see where this is, here's my tank link

And the latest full tank shot

I've grown a few of these and they seem to be up and down in terms of staying small. Two of these plants are mostly green, while one stays very red. The two green clones stay very small and are quick to vine, but the red clone, which has yet to leave the rosette stage, is producing larger and larger pitchers, around the same size as what you've shown. In your case, though, you may need to consult the original owner.

Really, really nice terrarium, by the way.
Can't help on the maxima Q, but very sweet tank set up.

It depends - was this a tissue culture clone, or a seed-grown plant? If the latter, then natural variability allows for a variety of sizes within the offspring group.

I don't know, I got it from a online vender. Not sure if he will know or remember at this point, but I'll ask. I was hoping you could tell from the shape of the leaves and or pitches, do the small ones look just like the large ones only smaller?

Are the little shoots from the center in last photo of it, mean it's about to start vining?

I hate to think this one will keep getting bigger, it's doing so well in there. If it keeps getting bigger when it vines across the branches on the top it would shade the other plants too much. If it does I'll probably have to take it out & look for a small one again.
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I guess you better ask the seller. It doesn't look like the true dwarf form based on the size of pitcher you're currently getting.
Would love to trade someone for a real Lake Poso mini form. Anyone know anyone that has one they might trade or what ever?

Lake poso mini I have looks a bit different from my other maxima ( I have a tentata - if I remember right). It got a bit hammered this winter and is only coming back into form now. I can post some pics once I get back from my travels. I'm no expert but maybe you'll see some characteristics to help with future/current ID