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Droso potting mixes!

I have 3 drosos that have flowered for me and it looks like I will be getting a lot of seed. Now I have seen and read of a lot of different mixes and I am going to try as many as possible to see which one is the best (for me at least!). So please post your mix here as I am very keen to see them!

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I germinate my seeds on pure vermiculite in peat pots. When the plants reach a few inches tall, I transfer them into their permanent pots in a mix of equal parts peat, vermiculite, coarse sand, fine sand and A.P.S. or perlite.
I use a mix of peat/pumice/perlite/coarse sand (light on the peat) in large terra cotta pots. I have had success germinating seed in little peat pots with that soil mix, but not as good as in large terra cotta pots for some reason.
Thanks for your answers so far! What is A.P.S.? Has anyone used those peat pots (peat pellets) that are made totally of peat and swell up when you add water like these ones??


These are peat pots similar to the ones I used, 3 or 4" ones. You can place the whole pot into a big pot when you are ready without having to disturb the plants and they will break down in the soil over time. In my experience, the seed take anywhere from 14 days to a couple months to germinate, so the peat pellets you asked about may not last long enough and fall apart before germination, but never tried those and do not know for sure.

I have used them before and they worked so I will probably use them again.
Any more mixes?
APS is Aquatic Potting Soil. Those peat discs you're thinking of using might be too much peat for Drosophyllum.
OK, thanks! What are the problems with peat?
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Any more mixes??
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I was actually in prime Droso habitat earlier this month and I can tell you right now there's not a nugget of peat for miles. They mainly grow in eroded gravel. Turface might be a good option, since they grow in a really loose mix.
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I germinate my seeds on pure vermiculite in peat pots.
Do they like alkaline conditions, as I believe that vermiculite has the potential to become so?
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I have 6 plants, all a little over 1 year old. My potting mix is vermiculite, perlite and peat - 1:1:1