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Drosera Regia reddish / fuchsia flowers - King Sundew Flower Color Variation

How many people have seen this color variation - or other color tones - in their king sundews? I’ve been growing regia for over a decade and typically see the purpler ones in my seedlings. But this particular seedling ended up with much more pink/reddish flowers:


Here's a comparison with another one of my flowering plants that is the more typical colour (apologies for the weird LED-induced color tone):
IMG_2220 2.jpg
That's cool!
I've never gotten D. regia to flower so no, I have not seen it. Very neat though! Are those two different seedlings?
The two growth points in that pot are from the same seedling. I do recall having one more plant with flowers this color, but it died unfortunately.. I don't remember if it was a division from this one, or an entirely different seed.