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Drosera Magnifica Questions?

Hey everyone I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has succeeded in raising a D. magnifica to maturity. I have just got mine and I am trying to make it as comfortable as possible I have it at 70-78 F in day and 55-60 F at night. I keep the soil mix well draining and aerated. I always keep the soil moist. I have top dressed with Live LFS to keep the roots cool and reduce drying out of the media. I have fan that runs in order to keep air from being stagnant. Normally my humidity runs high from around 80%-100% and I have it under 6500 K grow lights for 14 hour cycles. I have set my temperature cycle and watering cycle to be close to that of Conselheiro Pena, the small town at the base of Pico do Padre Ângelo,( the mountain where Magnifica was discovered. I am considering buying some Brazilian sandstone for use in potting media as the plant was found growing on exclusively the sandstone at times. Other than all the research I've don prior to receiving this awesome plant I have no experience and would really like your input. Thanks and Happy Growing!


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I don't have this plant and not likely to until the price drops below $30 USD :D or if one of my contacts decides to send me one.

However there were a couple of articles in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter on cultivation. The latest was on germination and cultivation from seed.

The first article is available on PDF from this link:

The other is only available to members of the ICPS either as a backnumber (purchase) of the CPN or downlaod of the PDF version.