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Drip Irrigation

So come summer, I will be moving all the babies back outside but wanted to try a different way to keep them watered. I'm loving watering manually but want to try automate it. Will have the cover of the poly tunnel on, but sizes removed to open up air moment, but protect the plants from the heavy rain and hail we have.

Thinking about getting those small drippers and paving 1 in each pot near the crown / root. I will have it automatically come on for a few minutes several times a day.

Want to use it for the cobra lillies and Healiamphora expecially, but want to do all of the others as well. VFT, Sarracenia, nepenthes, drosera etc. I understand that pings don't like this though.... so will leave them. Then will have an overhead mist spray twice a day, once in the morning anb again in the heat of the day to increase humidity and try bring temps down.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone tried this? Will still keep a small tray on the bottom so the soil doesn't dry up completely, but curious to know of the other plants will also benefit from this? Drip irrigation, several times a day, to keep roots cool and prevent mineral build up.????
I don't have VFTs, so don't tend to look at posts in this subforum, but your mention of "drip irrigation" caught my eye this morning.

If you still come here, did you try what you described and, if so, did it work for you? You don't mention where you are but it seems overly complicated for most of the plants you listed and might not be enough for cobra lilies and Heliamphora to thrive in many (most?) areas of the US. if that's where you are. But I don't grow those so don't know.

As for drip irrigation in general, I have a fairly intricate system in the vegetable garden. The system currently relies on drip tubing and tape, not the kind of emitters you have in mind, but there are many options in single emitters and sprayers. A lot of commercial operations (not just CPs) rely on those in a similar (but much larger) setup like what you describe. Vendors like dripdepot.com have info pages showing various approaches.