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Does anyone here have, or have you tried any of these plants?? Red Aldrovanda,


I am curious about whether anyone here has attempted to grow red Aldrovanda, Australian or Hungarian, and were you successful? They seem to be for the most part, unobtanium. Other attempts to find out and or obtain some have been unsuccessful or are stalled. While on the subject, does anyone here have for trade any of these utrics?


By the way, I have a variety of green Aldrovanda that does well here, but in conversation with a fellow in Virginia he said they have the Japanese variety. Also that at one point they had the Hungarian red but it petered out. I always thought what I had was African or European. Is there a way to tell which is which? And if it was from a member here, which one might it most likely be, or can one say with any certitude? And for that matter, why is it that overseas propagators have such a variety of things originally from here, that you cannot get here?? I don't understand that.

Thanks for any info...! I am sure we could work out something tradewise.