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Do you have a two wheeled addiction? Post here!


A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
Surely I am not the only person on this board that spends an equal amount of time fantasizing about motorcycles as I do pitcher plants. Though not as hooked as some I know, I am quite fond of my iron steed. In honor of this, post here about your motorcycle!

I will go first: I own a 2003 Honda 919 "Hornet." I traditionally had cruiser style bikes, and I have long desired a naked street bike like this. Crotch rocket performance, no pain in the lower back. ;) Plus I really like the orange paint.

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My Vulcan Classic 1500 - and me, of course.
A friend of mine had a Vulcan. Those are sweet bikes! "Comfortable power" should be their motto.

Thanks for the pic!
When I saw the title, I immediately thought of how I spend a chunk of every afternoon - cutting through the air, bombing hills ....

Here's a pic (not mine but I have the same model)
Dang Ron! How fun is that beast? Can you go faster than a standard bicycle?
That beats my Schwinn any day! SNAP!

If you don't yet have one, please purchase a helmet cam so I can see you ride in action!
Apologies in advance, my picture taking is as good as my brain surgery.

My sons 749


Here is my VRod looks shiney for a change,


and finally the one that never fails to put the widest grin on my face ever, my Max 2209

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I knew you would chime in, Steve, what with your sweet avatar and all!

Those bikes are SWEEEEEEET! Smiling Bob from the Enyzte commercials ain't got nothin' on you and your bike there! ;)