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Dionaea cultivars


Sep 19, 2001
</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Quote: from RamPuppy on 1
4 am on Dec. 14, 2001
Dinosaurs walked the Earth with Man.
Job 40:15 through 41:11
explanations available upon request[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

Most likely you have explained this in another thread, but its driving me crazy! I demand an explanation! Ok, I politely inquire. :)

Aug 9, 2001
I know what he means. Have you read the verses he mentioned?

From what I read it sounded more like dragons than like dinosaurs though...



Jul 8, 2001
San Antonio, Texas; USA
goodness, you know you are the first guys to bite?

What are dragons? Couldn't they be dinosaurs? Did you know britannic texts describe 'dragons' that very much fit the description of t-rex like dino's? (Huge aft legs, tiny fore claws, and jaws that could 'hold a wagon')

In the NIV interpretation of the bible, Behemoth, referred to in Job 40 is called a hippo, but I challenge you to find a single hippo in this world with a tail like a ceader tree, and is strong enough to challenge a mighty river when it rages against him. Many people such as myself, interpret this to be a brachiosaurus, and Leviathan, to be a Plesiasaur. (sorry of my spelling is bad, it's 1AM here, I couldn't sleep!)

Any how, basically, I will say this before going on, anyone who was at garden web for the "great Evolution vs Creationism" debate will know my belief systems, let me also say this, if anyone, and I mean anyone, comes out and attacks anyone on this board for their belief system (whether it be me, or anyone else) I will ask Phil and Jaie to boot you like a football right off the forums... so keep everything civil.

OK... basically, I subscribe to a young earth model, I don't believe in evolution, I feel it has to many holes, infact, it is an untested postulation, (as is creationism) and neither should really be called theories (Theories are tested hypothesies) Fact is, neither creationism or evolution can be proven, there is lots of room for middle ground, so the idea of arguing it has lot's of 'tween' space for opposing views to meet.

Since I believe in the literal account of Genesis, I believe that all the Earth was created in a day, and therefore, mankind must have walked the earth with Dino's, wooly mammoths, and all sorts of interesting critters. Yes, I believe in the flood as well, and there is compelling scientific and sociological evidence that a world wide flood did occur at one time! (REALLY, there is, I am not just saying that!)

Any how, If man and Dino's were together in the beginning, say, 10,000 years ago, and then in the time of Job, say, about 5,000 years ago (I am not truly sure, and my bible is in next to my sleeping wife) it is not hard to think that they might still have been around during his time, all though probably rare.

If this really tweaks your interest, I can give you some websites to explore, and discuss it more in private, through e-mail... I am not so sure it is an appropriate topic for this board, certainly not this thread.

Oh... and one of the biggest things I think anyone should take out of the Creation Vs Evolution debate is this. Teach your children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Presenting one side of the argument is a diservice, give them both sides of everything, and empower their minds with the chance to make a decision.


The only other plants I grow are:
Strelitzea reginae(bird of paradise)
Cymbidium hybrid
Stapelia Variagata.

Each year i also grow
Mimosa pudica
Biophytum sensitivitum.

I recieved recently from a member in here a batch of squirting cucumber seeds (Ecbalium elaterium) When these are ripe they explode off the plant like deflating balloons squirting their seeds in a slimy juice!! Its going to take ages for the first one to ripen!!!
Dec 7, 2001
Western Oregon USA
Hey Rampuppy, take a look at Gen. 1: 21, where it says "great sea monsters". If I recall correctly the literal translation of this phrase means "big scaly animal" and can be accurately rendered "giant reptiles"! Also "leviathan" can discribe the Nile Crocodile, now whether you want to call a 20', 3/4 ton monster a dinosaur I will leave to you, Have fun!