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Dews for trade

Hey everyone. I have one pot with the last of my dews that I would like to trade. The pot consists of D.prolifera, madagascariensis, dreamsicle, oblanceolata sunset peak hong kong, and a binata multifida extrema. Im looking to trade them all for a nep or cutting of one or Sarrs and vfts would work too just pm me if interested. Thanks for looking!
pm'd back oh and yes sorry no oblanceolata they are actually affinis I made an error
u have any more dreamsicle?
Wouldja be interested in seeds, like B. liniflora and/or D. indica?
Ok everyone offer is closed thanks for the offers and your time. Sorry Jim I have both and a pot of liniflora growing right now once they flower I will collect seed once more and stop growing them for awhile at least just dont have the room or lighting for all my plants yet.