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Devils Claw

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Another plant very similar to Ibicella is the Petunia. This plant is also covered in sticky hairs that catch loads of bugs - but does not appear to have any digestive enzymes. Current thinking is that the Petunia traps insects for defensive puposes. However, I am of the opinion that it probably does obtain some nutreints from the trapped bugs by way of Bacterial Decomposition.

I would, therefore, call the Petunia a sub-carnivore. That's just my opinion, though.
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Where can I find a German translator? That's cool about petunias. I'll have to read up on them too.
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google has a translator tool. Go to language tools by the search bar.

I have already attempted to translate the Ibicella page though!

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Thank you Richard for doing that. Now I finally know something about these plants. Also very amusing to read. Random words still in German and the such. Beautiful pictures thank you I would've never figured it out.