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Dendrobium chrysopterum

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BS Bulldozer
Got this one a couple months ago. It started spiking within two weeks and:


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Beautiful! Reminds me of candy corn...
Current blooms, plus two keikis!


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Very nice! I love this type of Dendrobium but my track record with them is pretty abysmal. Are you growing it in a windowsill?
During the spring/summer it was outside under a south facing overhang where it caught direct sun from about 8-11 and bright indirect the rest of the day. Over the winter it's spent time in my paludarium under T5HO, but is currently on top of an aquarium under moderately bright leds. I water to keep it moist but not wet.
Thanks for the culture details, I think I've killed these types in the past by letting them dry out too much. Might try again now that I have my watering more automated, am doing better with many other species I used to kill.
Mine has definitely never gotten dry, that could likely be your problem. I'm no expert by any means, and I find this plant pretty easy. But to be honest, if I kill a plant with improper watering most likely I drowned it.