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deformed pitcher help

Hey guys i have a ventricosa x (ventricosa x trusmadiensis) that is in the upper pitcher stage. It has produced very nice pitchers since i got it but a few months ago the pitchers started becoming deformed. A few weeks later two basals emerged from the soil. Now it hasnt produced a normak pitcher for me since. Did the basals cause this?

It was in a low humidity environment but ive corrected that with a hydrofogger, will this help?
I had a few of my neps in the low humidity environment 24/7 for maybe a week. Many stopped pitchering and my jacquelineae produced deformed pitchers. It could be that. Give it time with the high humidity and see if it produces nicer pitchers. Don't cut the basals off, I would leave them until they get bigger. The initially sap off energy from the mother, but after a while they get big enough to where they can produce for themselves. I've never witnessed any basals or branches sap energy off the mother noticeably. Actually, with the most recent one, the mother vine is growing better, and its at the stage where it would sap off energy.
I dont think it was the humidity because right before the basals it produced perfect pitchers