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May 7, 2003
Hello everyone,

I have a rubra plant, along with a VFT, that I left outside for dormancy. The VFT made it through the winter and it is regrowing beautifully, the rubra on the other hand is just sitting in a pot not doing anything. It has been many months without any signs of new growth. I did put the rhizome in a bigger pot and I continue to water it so what gives? How can I bring it back to life or how can I tell if the rhizome is dead?

Thanks so much for any info
Dec 29, 2003
Martinez, California
Figure out which end was the growing end. Take a knife and cut about a quarter inch off the opposite end from the growing point. If you see brown tissue instead of white, slice again, and again, and again, until you run into white tissue. If you find NO white healthy tissue, buy a casket, dress the rhizome in its finest, have an open casket viewing, say words over it, and bury it.
As I have heard it said, "Hit Shappens!" Plants die all the time even when we do our best to keep them alive. Try again. I do not advocate the pot and tray method personally, but if that is all you have, go with it. Buy Ban Rot. It doesn't eliminate the problem, but it helps a lot.