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dawned on me i missed making an anowncment here....

im sure none of the newbies know who i am but did spend alot of time here awhile back and made some friends...

few months back the wife and i split up after 12 years together, nine of them married....short of it we grew apart and split as friends without lawyers involved and thats as bout as far as im gonna go into it on an open forum but is why i havent been around much for the last year.....among other things dissolved my CP collection and am currently jobless and homeless....left Montana in mid May and am currently out on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington staying with a friend on his farm more or less at the head of Discovery Bay.....

in about another 11 days im headed to Australia to do some wondering and hunting with friends in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane and will prolly come back to the states sometime in September and wind up setting up shop somewhere closer to the southern border than the northern....have some job prospects in southeast Arizona and Texas so they are the most likely....

prolly easiest to get ahold of me via my email at rattler_mt@yahoo if someone feels like they want to.....
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yeah i know i cant spell feel free to make jokes bout the title 12 year newspaper man that cant spell.....ha ha :nono:
You should move to Texas near Houston :-D Welcome Back and I wouldn't call us newbies more of beginners
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That is sad.
was bout two years in the making and looking back dont think id do anything different so just moving on.....gonna go do something ive always wanted to(Oz) and then start over
Hey rattler.

Sorry to hear about the situation you're in but it sounds like your head's in the right place over it and that you've got some decent future prospects ahead of you. Australia should be really awesome, I'm sure you will have a great time.

Change keeps things fresh in life. I wish you the best of luck in whatever comes next.

There is some really beautiful country in the Olympic peninsula area....
Hey man take your time and wander about. Make sure you hunt down some of those cephs over there.
dont know bout cephs but found these my first day here....luckily Troy isnt just a hunter he is an amateur naturalist like me(scary how similar the contents of our bookshelves are as far as subject matter) and knowing that ive grown CP's he offered to take me out to see some tuberous dews he knew about real close to the city so we went for a drive


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Happy to show you some spots around Melbourne if you like.
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ill keep that in mind, ill be here in Adelaide for a few weeks before going to Johns place in Warburton over there outside Melbourne to hunt sambar...will prolly be around there for 2 or 3 weeks aswell
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Cool. Let me know. It might be winter here but the reptiles can be found if you know where to look and in 3 weeks time the CPs and orchids will be plentiful.